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Facebook to launch a new video chat accessory for TV

Facebook has recently announced the arrival of the Facebook Portal TV, which can be quite helpful for video chats. Basically, this portal TV is a connection device, which can be connected to the television via HDMI port. The company is introducing more 3 smart video chat devices which would be made available alongside the Portal TV. The sale of Portal TV would start on 5th of November, and one can buy it for $149, which is quite cheap.

For the device to work, one has to first connect it with the television and then sign into the Facebook accounts after which the user is ready to make a video call. The calls can be made in Messenger and WhatsApp. Since Whatsapp has the end-to-end encryption feature, one can be assured that the video calls won’t be used by the company for any kind of advertising or other purposes.

The design of the Portal TV is quite analogous to that of a Microsoft Kinect, except the Portal TV is slimmer than the later model. The TV has the feature of smart camera technology found in Facebook, which allows the user to zoom-in the video call. The device even has a recording feature, which might be used by the company for further improvisation.

To make a call, the user has to say “Hey Portal” and then ask the device to make the call to the required person. To disconnect the camera and microphone, one has to simply tap at the front of the device. Portal TV also allows the user to watch other streaming services like Netflix and various others. The device even has a “picture-in-picture” feature, where the user can make a video call and can watch other shows at the same time. Portal TV would be a hit among the families as it would help in making a video call where every member fits in the frame, which cannot happen in PC and laptops.

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