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iPhone 11 Pro promises a 25% bigger battery according to reviews

The first teardown video of iPhone 11 Pro is here. The video was uploaded by DChannel on YouTube and showed various hardware-related improvisation that the company has made. Apparently, it has been noticed that iPhone 11 Pro has a 25% larger battery than its predecessor. The iPhone 11 Pro has 15.04-watt hour battery which is comparatively quite more than iPhone XS Max, which has 12.06-watt hour battery.

The teardown of the device, as shown in the video, displays an L shaped battery which gives a lot of space for other components inside the device. The iPhone XS Max also had the L-shaped battery, though it was more like fusing of two separate rectangular slabs to make a single battery.

When running on a single charge, the iPhone 11 Pro is found to have 5 hours longer battery life than iPhone XS Max, that is, it can run up to 12-14 hours even in rough use. The reason for this improvisation on battery life can be many; the first reason can be the software update that the device has undergone, which has made some remarkable changes in the smartphone.

Another reason for the battery gain can be due to the new Apple A13 Bionic chipset, which is by far the most powerful chipset produced by the company. The fact that iPhone 11 is not a 5G compatible device can also be the cause for the battery increase of the device. iPhone 11 Pro is the most efficient iPhone by Apple till date with amazing features and better battery life. The battery power is 3100mAh and even has fast charging of 30 watt, which is really amazing. Apart from that, iPhone 11 Pro also has the wireless charging option, thanks to the glass back, though one has to buy a separate wireless charging kit for the feature to work efficiently.

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