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iOS 13: security and privacy features that you must know

While there are some of the amazing features that the new iOS 13 has in-store, there are some security and privacy features which should be known to all the buyers of the new iPhone 11 series.

The update of iOS 13 is available, and apart from Arcade subscription and dark mode, Apple has improved its security. The Apple users now have the facility of signing in with their Apple ID on Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other apps. Another security feature that is found in the appearance of Find My App in the new Apple gadgets, which is a combination of Find My Device and Find My Friends, which allows the users to find Apple devices as well as friends nearby. The feature even allows searching for the device even when the device is not connected to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The iOS 13 also enables the users to share photos with friends and family, without sharing their current location. The Photos App, the app in Apple devices for sharing images, now has the option of hiding the location while sharing.

With the new iOS 13 update, the users can apparently view which apps are tracking location, how much data the apps are using and also states the reason for the same. This update assures the users by stating them which apps are secured or are harmful, and if the users don’t find the explanation valid, they can block the access for the apps.

The update has also made some improvements in contacts. With the new update, one can silence calls from unknown numbers or can switch it to voicemail. While most of the apps require permission for contact lists, the iOS 13 makes sure that the apps are not able to read the notes written alongside each number, which is one-of-a-kind feature found only in Apple.

These features show the improved security that Apple has made in order to assure the customers that their security is at most priority.

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