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Huawei does have a not-so-good surprise for everyone

The Mate 30 series from Huawei is currently the talk of the town and has amazed a lot of people with its features. Though the phone has one defect, it does not support any Google Services. When asked about it in the Huawei event, the company’s smartphone head, Richard Yu said that Huawei would be having a complex method of unlocking the Google services to use in the device. But, now according to news, Huawei has confirmed that it won’t be happening. The phones would be having Google services only when the blacklist from the US has been removed.

No Google services mean no access to Google Chrome, YouTube, Gmail and most importantly no Google Play Store. This might create an issue while selling the phones as the majority of the people depend on Google apps from day today. Huawei has already created substitutes like Huawei Browser and App gallery for browsing and installing apps. The devices can have Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, which would need to be downloaded from the App stores, as they won’t come pre-installed on the devices.

The company has faced several issues regarding security and Huawei is in no mood to risk it again. With no option of bootloader unlocking, which would have allowed the devices to use Google services, Huawei has played safe. “We limited it because we wanted to guarantee more security for consumers. But this time we will leave more freedom for the consumers so they can do more customization by themselves. So we are planning to let consumers do that,” said Richard Yu on the event, regarding the issue with Google services.

Richard YU, when asked when the Google services will make a comeback in the Huawei devices; he said it come in a day once the blacklist is removed, which shows that the company is quite sure that the trade ban would soon mean and Google will again provide its services to Huawei. Meanwhile, even though the devices are devoid of Google services, the Mate 30 series is creating craze among the people.

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