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Internet Explorer has a bug that can harm your PC

Recently it has been discovered by Google and Microsoft that Internet Explorer consists of a bug which can actually destroy the PC of the users. The bug was found by Clement Lecigne, a member of Google’s Threat Analysis Group.

According to Microsoft, the bug can “corrupt memory in such a way that an attacker could execute arbitrary code in the context of the current user.” This means that the attacker would have all the rights to “install programs, view, change, or delete data; create new accounts with full user rights” as said by Microsoft.

This is a threat for all those who still use Internet Explorer. If a targeted webpage has been clicked, then the hacker would be able to take in every data and can damage the PC. Currently Microsoft is trying to tackle the problem, though it has been advised to use another browser instead of Internet Explorer in order to protect the system. Browsers such as Firefox, Opera and Chrome can be used for the time being.

There is no surety as to when Internet Explorer would be back to the normal stage, which also shows the high chances of extinction of Internet Explorer. Earlier in 2016, Microsoft had created Microsoft Edge in order to enable the users to use Internet Explorer as an Edge tab, which was further updated to have a Chromium version of Edge, though the update was a bit unclear.

Though the PC systems running on Windows 2008 server and further versions have the benefit that Internet Explorer runs in an abstained mode so that they won’t be any malware downloaded unknowingly. To be safe from this dangerous bug, it is better to stop using Internet Explorer and switch to other browsers for better performances and safety.

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