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Microsoft warns its users to update Windows in order to fix all the issues

The recent issue regarding Internet Explorer has made Microsoft create a security update in order to protect the devices. The Internet Explorer is known to be affecting Windows 9, 10 and 11. The flaw could allow the hackers to have the user rights and mishandle the data stored in the PC. Though Microsoft had created an Edge version of the browser in Windows 10, it is still there in the system in pre-installed state and can harm the device.

The users have been said to install the security update so as to remain protected from the malware that Internet Explorer had created. A security file will be released on October 2020, till then the users need to install the security update and have to stop using Internet Explorer though there have been issues regarding updates too. Many users have found that the update has slowed down the system and is also abstaining the users from installing any applications. However, having a slow system is much better than having your device being targeted by hackers and all the data stored being publicized and used for further crime.

There are other browsers which the users can use instead of Internet Explorer, like Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and many more. The flaw that the Internet Explorer has now, only decreases the chances of Internet Explorer in ever making a comeback in further Windows version, in short, Internet Explorer is in the verge of extinction, and this sudden threat is making sure that it happens.

Microsoft has already made the announcement regarding this issue and has warned the users regarding the same. It is working on the issue, but a sudden complete fixing process won’t be possible. The next security release is in October 2020, and till then one would have to work with the security update.

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