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Third party display might harm your iPhone: Apple notifies the users to use only genuine Apple parts

iPhone11 Pro and iPhone 11 are the most talked-about offerings by Apple. They seem to be the favorite of almost all smartphone enthusiasts. But have you ever found performance issues in your iPhone because of using third party displays? It seems Apple has got the insight of this ridiculous practice and has therefore issued a warning to the users to use only the genuine app displays and refrain from using the third party displays. It will therefore become imperative to repair the cracked or the broken screen of your iPhone only with the genuine parts of Apple.

The users can even check whether their iPhone was replaced using the authorized parts of Apple or not by going to the settings and thereafter clicking on the general mode which will take you to the about section on your iPhone. If the replacement on your phone was made using unauthorized parts, then you’ll see a message on your screen reading “unable to verify whether the iPhone has a genuine display.” This will help the users in comprehending what type of replacement parts have been inserted in their phone.

In 2016 few of the iPhone units were reported to have Touch ID button faulty in performance that was repaired at an unauthorized Apple shop, and these phones showed “error 53 messages”. Those who had performed an OTA update did not seem to be affected by this, but if any of the users updated his phone to iOS version then this problem persisted repeatedly. Apple had to apologize for this blunder that was made by the company, and it stated it to be a test that was being conducted at its factory  to analyze whether the Touch ID of the phone was working before being shipped or not. Few users, on the other hand, said that this was primarily done to punish the users of iPhone who used non-authorized technicians.

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