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Sony launches its own online store: users can buy PS4 and other devices directly from the online store

The 25th of September proved to be a lucky day for all the PlayStation fans. Sony announced its opening of a new online store, from where the users can directly buy PS4 and other related accessories, without any problem.

Earlier, the customers had to depend on third party stores such as GameStop and various other retail stores, so as to get the hand of a PlayStation. This led to several problems for the users as they were not able to compare the prices with other store and sometimes the stock would end, and they had to wait for some days for ordering again.

With the arrival of the online store of Sony, it is going to be beneficial not only for the users but even or the company. The store would even consists of physical games, starting with Bloodborne, Days Gone, God of War 3, and even Spiderman. Unfortunately, the online store is only available in US, and it would take some time for Sony to make the store available globally.

Sony even has certain offers lined up for each customer. The players who are the members of PlayStation Plus would have the benefit of free one-day express shipping. Other offers include buying a PS4 along with a PlayStation subscription for 12 months only or $400 and buying a PlayStation 4 Pro and the PlayStation subscription for 12 months only at $430. The offers would be ending on 31st of October and can only be availed from the online store of Sony.

With the launch of the online store, Sony would be giving a tough time to its rivals Nintendo and Microsoft, who already have their own online stores for the same reason. For now, the customers in the US are going to benefit from this news, but we can hope that Sony would soon make the online store available or everyone.

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