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Microsoft completes the Windows 10 1909 update

The Windows Insider has finally completed the making of the 1909 version of the Windows 10, and soon it would be out for the users. According to reports, the new build would be having certain improvements and solutions for the fixes, which was not available in the KB4515384 version.

The KB4515384 was out last month and had some solutions, bug fixes and improvements, which were further added to the 1909 version, along with some more features. The 1909 version already has 2 versions of itself and is currently in the testing phase.

The 2 versions, namely 12H1 Build and 19H2 build, have been made for the experimental phase. The review program is out, and those who are going to test the 19H1 Build 18362.329 would be having the 19H1 Build 18362.385 after the testing results are out. While those testing the 19H2 Build 18363.329 would be having 19H2 Build 18363.385.

As stated by Microsoft, both versions have the same service content and similar update programs. The company had been testing the 19H2 features since May 2019 and has been getting some of the best results which would be added in the completed version. The updated version would have the benefit of new features, faster transmission, improved efficiency, and many such things.

Recently, Microsoft has set an alert regarding Internet Explorer and warning the users to stop its use, as a serious issue has been found. The Internet Explorer has issues and bugs which might allow the hackers in acquiring the personal data of the PC, thus making it harmful. This new update might have solutions for that or would have the complete removal of Internet Explorer thus protecting the privacy of the devices.

The stated versions are under the experimental stage and once the versions pass the stage, it would be made available to the users, most probably by next year.

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