Galaxy Fold is still breakable: to be handled with care

The new Galaxy Fold is here along with a “handle with care” symbol. Samsung has advised the users to use the Fold with care if they want the device to have a longer life span. The device has finally reached the US market and is available for the people in there. Samsung has also released a “Caring for your Galaxy Fold” video so as to educate the users on how to use the device.

The breakdown of the Fold in April was the most embarrassing moment for Samsung and to avoid any similar future scenario; the company has taken such steps. There have been hardware changes made in the device along with some software changes too, as the reviews even stated the presence of bugs in the device. The hinge and the screen gap has been decreased so as to avoid the breaking of the device when opened up. The second change is the change in the position of the protective film. Earlier it was situated on the screen itself, which was mistaken as a screen protector and was removed by the reviewers leading to the device to have screen defects. The present model has a protective film under the screen.

The Fold comes with a lot of tips like taping the screen lightly, not using any sharp objects, no presence of coins, credit cards, keys or any small things in the vicinity of the device and many more. The users are even advised to avoid using a screen protector on the screen. The company is even offering a service of $114 in case the Fold breaks for the first time, after which the price would be $600 for replacing the screen. The Galaxy Fold would be soon available globally, and the users are strictly advised to watch the “Caring for your Galaxy Fold” before using the device.

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