SpaceX reveals the new Starship design

In the event held on the 28th of September, Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX revealed the new design for the Starship, designed specifically for carrying people to space. The meeting included a presentation of how Starship would be helping the Mars colonization. The event was held in the South Texas branch of the company and revealed the design of Starship and the rocket Super Heavy.

The project started in 2016 and regular updates about the project were given every fall. There has been a lot of changes, including the change in the height, the name and even some changes in the design. According to the reports, the Starship would be able to carry 100 passengers around the orbit in a single journey and is reusable. The Starship and the Superheavy, which would be installed on top of the Starship, would be powered by the Raptor engine of SpaceX. It is being said that the Starship would be having 6 raptors while the Super Heavy would have 35 Raptor engines.

About the design, the entire system would have two parts, namely, Starship and Super Heavy. The Starship is the passenger-carrying vehicle while the Super Heavy is the rocket that would be running the vehicle and would be on top of the Starship. Both the parts are reusable and would not be having any destruction during the return journey, hopefully. Another remarkable thing is that Starship is quite cost efficient. The material used in the making is stainless steel instead of Carbon fiber, which saved a lot of money. Stainless steel even has the capability of handling high temperature, thus making the Starship more durable.

The presentation even revealed the making of another spaceship for the same project, named Starship Mk, which would have a 3 engine system design, and the test drive would be conducted in October. The company is even designing the Starship Mk2 in Florida at the same time, so as to have enough designs ready for testing and other processes. The Mk1 tough would be having the first attempt of only 20 kilometers, after which there would be tests conducted for orbital travel. Both the Mk1 and Mk2 will result in making a final Starship design.

Soon, we would be able to see the testing phase of the Starship, which would further tell whether the experiment was successful or not. One the tests become successful; Mars colonization won’t be far away.

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